"Para-buch! Książka w ruch!

“Para-buch! Książka w ruch! (Stem-up! Books: move!”) is an innovative project that combines promotion of children’s popular science book, encouraging curiosity among younger kids, developing their language skills and shaping reading habits. The pilot edition of the project is being implemented by the Information Society Development Foundation in cooperation with the Deutsche Telekom Stiftung.
Pilotage takes place in five regions: Lubelskie, Łódzkie, Małopolskie, Mazowieckie and Warmińsko-Mazurskie. The project is supported by regional public libraries in: Lublin, Łódź, Kraków, Olsztyn and Warsaw.


  • Promotion of reading of popular science books among younger children (3-10 years old);
  • Promotion of the STEM related knowledge among kids;
  • Developing language skills of younger children (3-10 years old);
  • Developing the interest of younger children (3-10 years old) in science and the world that surrounds them;
  • Gathering experiences and ideas for library activities to popularize learning among younger children (3-10 years old), combined with reading aloud;
  • Strengthening of local communities through volunteering as a participation model;
  • Development of the capacity and the scope of services provided by the libraries;
  • Strengthening libraries position as a “place for education”.

Public libraries in pilot regions are encouraged to set up reading clubs that offer activities for younger children that combining reading aloud with hands-on experience (for example fun games or simple experiments) in various areas of STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics).


  • Preparation of a list of recommended popular science children’s books for use in reading clubs,
  • Developing educational materials on working with younger children and implementing activities (fun games, simple experiments) around recommended popular science books,
  • Training for librarians and interested volunteers,
  • Establishing reading clubs which in 100 libraries,
  • Gathering of good practices and examples of activities that should be disseminated,
  • A competition for participating libraries.


As part of project’s activities a package of educational materials have been created , including a manual entitled: Para-buch! Książka w ruch! Podręcznik dla osób prowadzących spotkania w bibliotekach (Stem-up! Books: move! A manual for facilitators of sessions in libraries). The manual contains useful knowledge and practical information about organizing and conducting reading sessions for kids in libraries. You will find there:

  • practical tips on how to organize a reading session for kids in a library,
  • information on how to use popular science books, how to promote science and where to find useful materials,
  • tips on how to encourage girls to learn more about science and scientists,
  • good practices from libraries participating in the project.

Download the manual: https://biblioteki.org/aktualnosci0/Para-buch_Ksiazka_w_ruch_Podrecznik_dla_osob_prowadzacych_spotkania_w_bibliotekach.html


Other educational materials, including articles and ready-to-use scenarios  are available on the project’s website: http://parabuch.org/ (section: Materiały).


Miejska Biblioteka Publiczna im. Władysława Stanisława Reymonta w Skierniewicach
Gminna Biblioteka Publiczna w Gródku nad Dunajcem
Miejska Biblioteka Publiczna w Chrzanowie
Miejska Biblioteka Publiczna im. Marcina Kromera w Lidzbarku Warmińskim
Miejska Biblioteka Publiczna w Kraśniku
Miejska Biblioteka Publiczna im. Stefana Żeromskiego w Zakopanem


More information about the project can be accessed at:

Project is implemented by the Information Society Development Foundation in cooperation with Deutsche Telekom Stiftung (agreement between  Information Society Development Foundation, Deutsche Telekom Stiftung and DSZ – International Giving Foundation).

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