Lesson: Enter is one of the largest currently implemented digital education projects in Poland addressed to schools. It provides free training for teachers and managers of primary and secondary schools. Its goal is to change the way teachers have conducted lessons so far by showing them the benefits of using digital tools, ICT and active teaching methods.

Over the next 4 years, more than 75,000 teachers will be trained, so that they can better use the existing online resources in their daily work, as well as create their own resources and use them with active teaching methods (such as e.g. reverse lesson or WEBQuest). The training is carried out by teacher training institutions (together with partners, e.g. non-governmental organizations), whose trainers are properly trained, and those institutions receive grants for this purpose.

The Lesson: Enter project is implemented by a partnership of three organisations:

The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Program Digital Poland (action 3.1 “Training activities for the development of digital competences).


  • Budget: PLN 48,955,499.00, including the contribution of European Funds PLN 41,431,038.79. Under the project, PLN 40 million will be allocated to approximately 100 grants for training teachers
  • Duration: 1.04.2019 – 31.03.2023
  • Coverage: nationwide


  • The preparatory stage: selecting substantive consultants, updating training scenarios for teachers, building a project platform, selecting contractors for e-resources for teacher training, preparing documentation for a grant competition for conducting and organizing training for teachers.
  • Grant competitions for the preparation and implementation of training for teachers: 3 editions (first edition: autumn 2019). About 100 grants in total.
  • Trainings for regional and local trainers (4 days): due to the number of teachers to be trained, the training of trainers consists of two stages. Each grantee selects approx. 4 regional trainers and approx. 12 local trainers. Regional trainers are taught how to train local trainers so that they train teachers properly.
  • Recruitment of teachers and implementation of training by the grantees. In the training groups of 2-5 teachers from a given school take part, depending on the number of teachers employed in a given school, including a member of the management staff. Teacher training is carried out in 4 subject groups (early school education, humanities, mathematics and science, arts and IT), separately for each level of education. Moreover, we invite school directors to prepare a plan to implement digital teaching methods in their schools. Training for teachers last approx. 40 hours, including approx. 32 hours in-person and 8 online. As part of the training, teachers prepare min. 2 lesson scenarios with the use of ICT and conduct min. 2 observed activities.
  • Research on the increase in digital competencies of teachers and evaluation of training.
  • Building sustainability of the project and networking of stakeholders and teachers participating in the project (including study visits, exchange of good practices, regional meetings).

Division of tasks between partners:

  • Orange Foundation – grant competitions, supervision over the implementation of grants, promotion,
  • Information Society Development Foundation – project platform, training methodology for teachers and trainers, e-resources for teachers,
  • Institute of Public Affairs – testing digital competencies, evaluation, sustainability and networking.


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Elżbieta Dydak