Sector 3.0

Sektor 3.0 is an initiative that supports digital transformation and the application of new technologies in socially useful activities. As a result, organisations operate more efficiently, reach more people, and their experiences related to new technologies inspire others to act more effectively.

Sektor 3.0 is a project of the Polish-American Freedom Foundation. Its implementation was entrusted to specialists from the Information Society Development Foundation. In 2018, the program was awarded by the European Commission with the “European Digital Skills Award”.


  • Budget: PLN 5,000,000 (donated by the Polish-American Freedom Foundation)
  • Duration: from 2012
  • Coverage: nationwide


  • The Sektor 3.0 Festival – the largest event in Central and Eastern Europe that shows how to put technological trends into practice;
  • The Sektor 3.0 Fund – the initiative that supports the creation process of digital tools, applications and products, initiated in the tech for good spirit. It offers financial support of up to 100 000 PLN, as well as knowledge and expertise necessary to implement new technology solutions through a robust incubation program;
  • The Sektor 3.0 Mobile Advisers – a network of specialists who offer training and consulting to non-profit organisations throughout Poland in the following areas: remote work, online communication and the use of new technologies in education.



… Employees of non-profit organisations get support in using digital tools in their daily activities. They can improve their teams’ digital competences – from working in the cloud, management applications, online communication to technical and hardware consulting, apply for donations for the implementation of innovative digital products or services that improve people’s lives.


“I don’t know much about technologies, but thanks to the help of the Mobile Adviser, we are more recognizable in our local community. I am over 60 years old and such help is necessary for me and my organisation to act in the digital world.”

Andrzej Dargacz, PTTK, Inowrocław



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