Library for All. Different. Equal. Important.

„Library for All. Different. Equal. Important.” is an innovative socio-educational project enabling children and adolescents, both from Ukraine and Poland, to learn, play, build relationships with one another and regain a sense of security in a difficult reality. Children and their parents and guardians from both countries can participate in innovative classes and courses, learn each other’s languages and culture. The project is implemented by the Information Society Development Foundation (FRSI) in partnership with Save the Children International (SCI).

The aim of the project is to support children and adolescents, who came from Ukraine to Poland in continuing their education at Ukrainian online schools, as well as in adapting to the Polish education system and building relationships in their new environment. The program uses various forms of activities and courses that take place in libraries. Participants can also learn Polish language to be better prepared for the challenges of participating in another country’s education system and to feel more comfortable in a new environment, being able to establish fruitful social, educational and professional life in an extreme situation they found themselves in.

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  • providing libraries with grants for the employment of assistants from Ukraine and for the purchase of teaching aids and additional classes for children and adolescents,
  • conducting trainings for librarians, providing educational support in the form of meetings and webinars,
  • providing libraries with equipment, educational materials and accessories for online school classes and additional courses and activities (educational robots, laptops, tablets, music sets etc.),
  • introducing new methods and forms of activities in libraries (learning circles, Team Up classes for children with difficult experiences),
  • development and launch of an educational platform for managing learning circles,
  • expanding the Libraries for Ukraine website with educational materials, other resources and information helpful in working with migrants and refugees.


  • Students from Ukraine will be able to learn online in accordance with the Ukrainian curriculum, which will allow them to be up to date with the material during their stay in Poland, and Ukrainian students of Polish schools will receive support in learning,
  • Children and adolescents from Ukraine will be able to establish good relationships with their peers from Poland and use the offer of the libraries together, which might help them integrate with the local community and adapt to the Polish education system, especially if they live in Poland for a longer period of time,
  • Children from Ukraine will be able to participate in creative activities, such as: STEAM, artistic classes, Team Up, creative DIY to mention just a few, which will allow them to develop their potential, interests, hobbies and talents in a friendly, safe atmosphere in the library,
  • Librarians will gain new knowledge and skills, and expand the offer of their libraries with activities aimed at children and youth from Ukraine and their parents and guardians.


While implementing projects aimed at children and youth, FRSI cares for their well-being. Information about suspicious behaviour or any kind of violence against children can be provided (also anonymously) by completing this form or by sending an e-mail to: