Financial literacy through public libraries

The aim of the Financial literacy through public libraries project is to support financial education of adults in 4 Central European countries participating in the project by developing and testing the methodology of financial education of adults with the help of public libraries, where trained librarians act as guides to financial knowledge by offering a course on financial education to residents in their communes.

The project’s result will be a model programme of financial education for adults, to be implemented in public libraries. Training curricula are prepared: for librarians-trainers, conducting financial education in their libraries, as well as for adult users of libraries. Two online courses are also being implemented: for librarians (How to conduct financial education in a library?) and for adult library users. The courses will be free and available to the public.

FRSI is the project leader and our partners are: Global Libraries Bulgaria Foundation (Bulgaria), National and University Library of Slovenia, “Ovid Densusianu” Hunedoara-Deva County Library (Romania) and the National Association of Public Librarians and Libraries in Romania as an associate partner.


  • Budget: EUR 190,731 (financed under the Erasmus + Action 2: Strategic Partnerships / Adult Education);
  • Duration: 37 months – December 1, 2018 – December 31, 2021;
  • Coverage: Europe.


  • elaboration of a report on good practices in financial education of adults in libraries in 4 partner countries of the project;
  • preparation and testing of financial education curricula in public libraries – for librarians and adult users of libraries and online courses on the Moodle platform;
  • study visits (to Poland, Slovenia, Romania and Bulgaria), which will enable the representatives of the project partnership to get acquainted with the specificity of the educational work of public libraries and financial education of adults in the participating countries;
  • conducting 12 national webinars aimed at the dissemination of the curricula and resources developed within the project;
  • organization of 4 national seminars (in Poland, Slovenia, Romania and Bulgaria) and an international conference (in Bulgaria) aimed at the dissemination of the curricula and resources developed within the project.


Financial literacy through public libraries (in Polish) – webinar recordings and educational materials prepared as part of a series of events disseminating the effects of the project Financial literacy through public libraries (FinLit), under the title Include financial literacy in your library’s offer!

Project outcomes collected on


  • adult library users will gain an available, free of charge online tool to increase their financial knowledge and the ability to use financial products and services available on the market;
  • librarians will develop new competences and improve their training skills, and libraries will be able to extend their offer with financial education of adults;
  • partner organisations implementing the project will gain new experience in the field of cooperation in educational projects and the implementation of partner projects at the European level, and their employees – new competences.


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Katarzyna Morawska – Coordinator