We will gladly welcome the international partners: public authorities and institutions, business, NGO involved in the areas (fields) of culture, education, social innovations with a deep interest in new technologies and their social responsibility.


1. A creative and supportive team having a professional preparation and experience in different areas. A group of strong personalities following their individual path of career and developing their interests and passions.

2. A good network of contacts in Poland encompassing:
- Libraries and library supporters,
- NGO’s, companies and institutions specializing in the education, culture and technological aspects of everyday life.

3. A significant number of international partners and colleagues.

4. A knowledge-based orientation in present trends and tendencies, in particular concerning:
- adult education, new models and strategies for learning,
- capacity building of institutions / organizations,
- current achievements in the digital (ICT) world and a positive change they could evoke,
- community building and sustainable development processes, mechanisms and tools, including the e-society issues,
- global education: creating conditions for dialogue, integration and peaceful coexistence,

and a nice office with a small conference room in the heart of Warsaw :)

For the past 9 years we’ve been engaged in the various forms of international cooperation and projects:

- as the operator of the Library Development Program in Poland funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (budget of 33 mln USD and nearly 4.000 libraries supported),
- as the active member, facilitator and leader of activities planned within the international networks (Global Libraries, All Digital),
- as the leader and partner of international projects, investigating the impact of information, knowledge and skills on modern societies,
- as the navigator of experimental initiatives, creating the new quality of life in particular in underserved neighborhoods,
- as the advocate of libraries and other cultural centers: places for personal, professional and community development,
- as the lobbyist for recognition and value of sustainable environment,
- as the idea supporter and active participant of transsectorial and intercultural partnerships.

Our values and culture of work are based on the following convictions.

1. We believe in exchange of experience, know-how and best practices.
2. It is of utmost significance for us to share the common principles with our partners as well as to have the similar goals and objectives.
3. We see the huge added value coming from diversity in the field of international, intercultural and transsectorial cooperation.
4. Participatory methods and consultations tools are the prerequisite condition of our work, both internally and externally.
5. Our projects are always tailor-made for specific target group with regard to their background, experience and expectations.
6. Understanding, tolerance and respect for other people constitutes the rules for our activities. We listen to and take care of our partners.
7. We love to innovate and popularize innovations, especially those which contribute to life quality.
8. We want to do important things for people. That’s why we are interested in human-centered projects as the key to achieving a social change.




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